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qnzprincessa32 [userpic]
by qnzprincessa32 (qnzprincessa32)
at November 8th, 2007 (10:26 pm)

Hey everyone, my name is Yasmine and i'm new to this community. I love love love Gossip girl and have been reading the series since it first came out a few years ago....i actually had to wait months for the books to come out...it was pretty awesome lol. I love the show as well, although it does annoy me a lot that the deviate from the book so much and it is completely different. so i thought i'd say some things i like and don't like lol and maybe we can all discuss our views. possible spoilers for those who havent seen recent episodes behind cut. Oh and i'm watching the 1989 movie Teen Wich and the girl who is the main character, Louise, is Blake Lively's(Serena's) older sister.

Jenny looks nothing like Jenny from the book!
I LOVE the new Dan and i LOVE him even more with Serena!
I don't like how mature Nate seems to be...i liked stoner Nate better lol.
I don't like that there's no Aaron as of yet!
I don't like the whole Vanessa DAn Serena thing that's going on.
Erik?? younger and in rehab??
I like the little romance going on with Lilly and Rufus...not in book but i like it
i LOVE chuck bass!!!!
I like that Blair and chuck hooked up


Posted by: qnzprincessa32 (qnzprincessa32)
Posted at: November 11th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)

thanks! i love chuck he's so much better than he was portrayed in the books. I agree about Vanessa...she really bugs me and she's so much preetier than she's supposed to be....poor Dan lol. I LOVE the movie i bought it lol

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